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We have planned to conduct our global competence workshop at bangalore from 14 till 18 april.Selected altians from different district kindly be in touch with google groups for futher updation.
Welcome to ALTIUS
ALTIUS, an initiative of World Malayalee Council, intends to impart quality training to students of various colleges to groom them to be ‘Globally Competent and Socially Committed’ leaders of tomorrow. ‘Altius’ is the Latin word for ‘higher’. A celebration of youthful creativity, Altius aims to bring out the leader in every student by enabling him or her to bloom to full capacity. Altius strives diligently to awaken the higher self within every student, to rise higher in their thoughts and lives without losing the values. The world’s population grows older, India will take centre stage in the formation of a new world order. The demographic revolution brings with it a myriad of challenges and opportunities. How well prepared are our youth today to grasp the opportunities that come their way? How skilful are they to ta...
Camp Report
Dear Altian, The last two days was very special moments in my life. I attended the two day altius camp in Karapramba Govt youth hostel,Calicut. Today i proud to be an altian ,because  the ...
Dear Altians,                    Once again my mind filled with lot of positives energy by many positively thinking persons.The camp conducted ...
Our Models

SLC-1A at Kotayam

Ashfeer K A

Dear all,
I am very happy to inform you all that SLC-1A for altius South zone had conducted successfully at  Kotayam Amalanilayam.
Day 1(22-Feb-2014, saturday)

As we declared before, camp was started on 22nd February 10. 15 am, after the registration.We had 43 freshers from the seven districts.
We started with an Ice breaking Session by Prince chetan. Then me and Ashwani took the charge. After that  Priyadas sir and Sabin chetan  welcomed our VIP's and told about ALTIUS. After that, the district coordinators introduced the freshers, from each districts.
Then vinay  told about the importance of saving food. Which was very effective.
And we saved food and reduced the waste after having food.
After noon we Anoop Dhanwanthari sir. He took a session about  "GLOBAL COMPETENCY".
Then Vallinayakam and Arun Devan shared their experiences in Altius and they inspired our freshers very well. Also Vallinayakam underlined the importance of mailing with his experience after SLC 1.
After that session we had a guest Mr. JOSE PANACHI Sir
( Associate editor Malayala-manorama). He talked about visual reading , which was a fresh topic to us. After the interaction with JOSE PANACHI sir one of our fresher Fawas P gave vote of thanks. During the camp JOSE PANACHI Sir contributed some books for all our freshers.
Again we had experience sharing by Thansil and Libin. 
     One of the highlight of the first day was A session by Vishnu M. "The importance and art of E-mail writing". He took that session with a professional perfection. It was really an inspiration to us. Because, Vishnu once againe Shawed the meaning of the word  "commitment".
Then we had a meditation session by Prince chetan. As usual the journey "Look within" was really a great experience. May be beyond words.
Then we had dinner.
After that the cultural program conducted. All our freshers and senior mentors contributed well.
At 10.30 pm  we went to dormitories.

Day 2( 23-Feb-2014, Sunday)


The second day of the camp was started by a meditation by a Bansan chetan. Then Priyadas sir interacted with our freshers. After breakfast. Bansan chetan explained about the important things to be remembered while sending an email to our mail groups. Also he explained about Altius circle and it's functional aspects.
Then Sabin chetan and Kareem explained about  crow work and it's relevance. Also they shared their crow work experiences. 
The guest of day 2 was, Mr. Sujith Sivanandhan sir. We had a session about certain philosophical thoughts like sathya-prastha, Sachidandha. It was an informative session. And after this session. Amal,Vineetha,Dinu, Hari, and Soumya interacted with freshers with their experiences. 
After lunch, all our freshers shared their experiences and thoughts.
At 3.00 pm with a recollection of the camp, Bansan chetan brought it to the end. 
The SLC -1A 2014 for south zone was really a wonderful experience in my life. I am very much thankful to priyadas sir, Anoop dhanwanthari sir, Sabin chetan, Bansan chetan and  Prince chetan for supporting and correcting me. Also I am thanking Ashwani and all my brothers and sisters for being a part of the camp to make it as a success. Special thanks for Annamma chechi, Alphonsa chechi and Prashanth chetan for   all the arrangements.
And once again I am welcoming all the freshers to ALTIUS family.


Pooja sundaran
Dear altians,
                     The state camp held in calicut  is most wonderful &memorable  day in my life .it's  more informative ,it give me postive energy.The camp was started on 17 saturaday at 10.30 am, by our prince chettan by a intersting action song, & a small game.sabin chettan gave the idea about altius,& each district freshers introduce themself,then priyadas sir gave the correct definationof altius "altius is a process of alternative educating the students to achieve your personal,profesional &spirtual goal up holding intergity&love".then speak about smile.rajil chatten spoked  about the altius.shefeena was our anchor she do very well.arjun have giving the time manging, food department manged by hakkim.both have done the work very well.hakkim speaked about the importance of food .After noon section vishnu .m  chattan said the importance of art of email communication.shefeena spoke about english usage.vishnu chatten ,  raoof said about globally competance. then we walk with mender session help the fresher to clarify the doubts related to altius.then prince chattan's meditation session is very interesting one.The program is ended by culture program,it's more intersting one.then we write the dairy and slept.
 on 16 sunday we started the program at 7 0 clck with singing poem.rajil chatten asked the to share the experience of first day of camp. then sabin chettan explain detail about global competent .shefeena said the two stories.then premchattan share the experience&views  about explain about smile.then priyadas sir said the importance of  smile .a very simple definition of altius is "altius is trying to make our life &other life better".this camp is influenced me positively & very informative.Thank you to every one behind this camp.
"A warm smile is the universal language of kindness."

Dear altians, 
   As i informed earlier we have completed our first task today we have planted the  new altian plants in our altius garden.we are believing this plants will create flowers with the goodness  of altianism.This garden will be a symbol of altius in our campus.When we left our college this garden will transfer the message altianism to our 
With love 
Sravan TP