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Pathanamthitta district follow-up 01-04-2017
The follow-up meeting of Pathanamthitta & Kottayam district is scheduled to be held on 1st April 2017 at Seth`s home. Time : 10am - 1pm.
Trivandrum district follow-up 01-04-2017
The follow-up meeting of Trivandrum & Kollam district is scheduled to be held on 1st April 2017 at Aqua Engineering tower 1st-floor SBT Building kowdiar, Trivandrum. Time : 10am - 1pm.
Altius State Camp – 2015
Place: Thiruvananthapuram Date : 20 & 21 December, 2015 Duration: 10.00 am on 20th Dec to 1.30 pm on 21st Dec 2015
It is time to welcome the Freshers!
The one day district camps are scheduled for the month of September 2015. The two day residential camps at the University level are to be conducted in the month of October. The follow-ups will be in November. The State camp is from 20th December.
State Meet of the Mentors
After conducting the mentors` camp at University levels, the State level Meet is planned for 14 & 15 August 2015 at Youth Hostel, Kakkanad, Ernakulam. All mentors are invited.
Welcome to ALTIUS
ALTIUS, an initiative of World Malayalee Council, intends to impart quality training to students of various colleges to groom them to be ‘Globally Competent and Socially Committed’ leaders of tomorrow. ‘Altius’ is the Latin word for ‘higher’. A celebration of youthful creativity, Altius aims to bring out the leader in every student by enabling him or her to bloom to full capacity. Altius strives diligently to awaken the higher self within every student, to rise higher in their thoughts and lives without losing the values. The world’s population grows older, India will take centre stage in the formation of a new world order. The demographic revolution brings with it a myriad of challenges and opportunities. How well prepared are our youth today to grasp the opportunities that come their way? How skilful are they to ta...
Camp Report
Camp at YMCA Aluva, 13 & 14 Feb 2016
From 14th evening onwards, when  ?I?  hear ?d?  the name Aluva, what c ?ame  into ?  my mind is not GCW-1 but 'Gandhi Readers camp',...
State Camp - 2015
Let me start. The actual state camp was starting on 20th. But we unofficially started our camp on 19th. Because we,  Thrissur girls reached the capital city on 19th evening. The journey was qu...
Our Models


Dear Altians,

Let me start with words of Mahatma: Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. 

This is what altians teach us. Mini-kaizen camp held at st.shantals school was like reliving my entire past life once again with full of joy, peace and love. From the moment I made decision to attend the camp i was feeling a positive energy even though my parents were not happy at first on my decision. But in each and every second of the past two days i was experiencing altius. On 25/1/2015 morning we had an introduction class held by vipinettan and vishnuettan, later priyadas sir too joined to share his views and smile. After than they opened a door, to the magical world. At first it was chandrahasan sir taking us to the world of competition in assistance with gopikeechi. Even though i dont remember the entire class but the story which he told us about A R Rahman and Ilayaraja sir.Next it was suresh babu sir who taught us who s a leader, how to be a leader, and what is a leader. Then we had session of vijayalekshmi mam about how to be with the society, how to make ourself and our society good. Next it was Babu paul sir who shared his experiences , answered all our questions with a smiling face. The day came to an end .
The next day arrived , morning we had an interactive session with priyadas sir congratulating our mendors and seniors, also sharing their experiences. After that we were split into 3 groups and we had a group discussion on the topic corruption.Then we had a session on malayalam literature, then our seniors alen and chadru was sharing their views about spirituality and a book named the monk who sold his ferrari. At last the camp came to an end.
This was the first time in my entire life i am attending sessions from morning till night without feeling sleepy. It was such a great experience. From the starting of the camp i started felling change in myself. Jessy aunty such a busy lady was waiting for my arrival. I was just surprized and happy. She taught me that when we share our valuable time for someone what we get in return is happiness, the priceless gift of god. Yesterday my guardian angels showed me that altians will be always with us for every good deed that make others happy, we shared republic day wishes with the traffic police officers.
Yesterday morning in our journey to camp i met a grandma. She was too old and lean. On my conversation with her i realized that she was earning by selling vegetables becauss she had no one to lookafter.she had a house ,her daughter died. I asked many things but i never saw a smile on her face. When we were to get out of the bus, i said bye and kissed her. I dnt know how to  express my happiness ,she smiled at me. Altius i saw your kindness in her smile. If ever in her life she rembers me its the success of altius.And later in the afternoon on my return journey i was accompanied by my seniors, they were sharing their experiences & thoughts. When i reached my house all was the same as usual , room was not clean , foul smell . Everytime when i return from home to hostel i use to murmer why is this room like this, why such a bad smell like that. But yesterday i was not the old version of jishna befor the camp. I felt a pleasant fragments in my room eventhough my room was not clean i was not angry , for the first time in my hostel life i found beauty in my room, my bed, in the mirror. Eventhough it was the same mirror i use to look everyday, i found a new smiling face with a great positive impact.

Thanks altians, thanks a lot for filling fragments to what i smell, beauty to what i see, and an iternal love in me. I swear that i will be an altian and try my best to make the world a heaven. I believe that its god who created a door to heaven and named it altius. Dear altians let us try to be the guardian angels.

Now my brothers and sisters pardon me if my mail is too long and boring. This is my first experience writting a report, but i promise that i will improv next time. Let me conclude with the slogan of an altian- Let me be kind, joyful, peaceful and loving.
With unconditional love,
Jishna A V
College of engineerinv ,Adoor



Dear Altians,

I never thought that I will be going to witness a drastic change in me when i wrote an essay. Even for the district camp I came to write essay and never thought it will turn out to my entry to Altius. Now I really thank my teacher miss Sowparnika  for telling me to take up that essay competition. I never heard of this organisation before and she told me it is very nice and she had the opportunity to meet    Dr. A P J Abdul kalam and Rasool pookkutty. 

The two day camp was really inspiring, the energetic altians gave us a lot of positive energy. I myself experience a lot of change in me but as our dear Priyadas sir said, it is not enough so I'll share my experience with my family after the state camp.I have a younger sister we both used to fight each other a lots. Yesterday she came and hit me on my head but instead of fighting I just smiled at her and she asked me did they hit you with some attitude stick on your head. My mother told me that there is some change in me but she don't know how long it is going to last. She is afraid if I'll drop this like my New Year resolutions.  I really want to remain in this organisation of alternative thinkers at least to spread the most beautiful curve of "smile" to the world and fly to heights like a butterfly. 

                                      I'm waiting for January 5th for my college to reopen so that I can convince my principal and organize an Altius circle in my campus. Thanks everyone for being so nice for the last two days , for arranging wonderful sessions with great personalities and making me an Altian butterfly from the my Caterpillar life.


Aparna S Mohan


Dear Altians,
              A new born baby comes to this beautiful world unaware of the happiness that is awaiting for him,similar is the experience that I felt when I entered as a bud to this ALTIUS family.Group of people with wonderful ideas to bring about a reformation and transformation is what altius means and today I am happy because I also own to such sparkling ideas.
          I thank from bottom of my hearts for giving me an opportunity to attend and share my views and ideas,moreover my positive changes with this family and also for combining each and every thought that arose from each and every ALTIANS.
With love,


Dear Altians,

       This mail for share about our mini kaizen camp in Santhigiri College.It was one of the best experience in my life.There are 40 above Altians are participated in this camp. We got lot information from this camp.I give thanks to Priyadas sir ,Chandrahasan sir ,Joy sir ,Domnic sir ,Anoop sir and Sisiliama Teacher.In this camp.Our new ALTIANS are best Altians they introduce good ideas and opinions.

In this camp our friend Ashish  take a class about important s of mailing.In Altuis we can see every altians give a motivation to another.  


Renjisha Rajan


Dear butterflies,

The Northzone mini kaizen camp was held at newjothy's center calicat, on 31st jan & 1st feb 2015.

it was a new experience in my life. It have two parts. Online& Offline. Also mainly students are divided in to two groups Mini-kaizens & freshers.

In Online camps leads our mentors & priyadas sir. And they posted we as mentors of the freshers And gave one mentor to two freshers. The mentor - fresher interaction was offline camp.

In offline camp we have a goal that's our responsibility, gave inspirations/motivation to freshers and mold to a good altian or to help him/her to transformation of Coccoon to larva&pupa stages. we can rise their from cocoon to larva&pupa stages successfully.
  Then they autonoumously changed into 
            Today I realised that since I joined the altius family My personality had very change. Now I can lead at least two persons & believe that tomorrow I will lead a crowd.

And we have three guests 1. Joseph sir & his wife 
2. Adarsh sir
3. Basheerali ikka (small doubt in name)
      we enjoyed theire classes& experiences 
    And we can introduced a amazing object discovered by nadakkav school students & and teachers 
a type of IPAD.Today All the students in Nadakkavu school have a I PAD


D= Do
    That is a small book to record 3 good tasks our do
In one condition the tasks are do not repeat.
     Its promote to the students 'what i can do today/tomorrow newly
for my school'. 
    As a result the school become healthy&shining.
    it is a model for ours. 

The most power full& emerging discussed words in the camp was our mantra

" Let me be kind joyfull peacefull & loving "

with Regards

Mohammed Jamseer

MINI KAZIEN CAMP 2015 - Idukki

Dear Altians,

It was a turning point at Shanthirgiri to me.First of all, I should say something about how I reached there. One of my friend Lydia told me about Altious camp.

I asked her: "What is the difference between Altious Camp and other camps?"

She said; "It is not an ordinary camp. I will say more about it after you attend it"

(Keeping Surprise in me) Thank you Lydia.

And that day came. But I was not sure about to be there. Because my mom was hospitalized because of Kidney Stone. But with God's grace I came to Shanthigiri. That is also the reason for this late email (not too much late I know but).

It was Altian Mini-Kaizen camp at Shanthigiri. From the first moment I found a positive spirit there. The first Difference that i Found in the camp was SMILE. I began to understand What is Altian. There I met Priyadas Sir, Anoop Sir, Dominic Sir, Chandradas Sir, Sabin Chettan, Aswani chechy etc. All were Smiling every time. I understood that SMILE is an important fact in Altius. The second difference that I found is Good Friendship. I got so many good friends. Abhilash, Krishnadas, Akash, Abraham, Jaise, Joby, Vishnu, Bibin, Ashish, Amitha, Priya, Lakshmi, Cyriac, Chinnu, Reima, Jisna, Reshma, Manu etc. I will Never miss them. Because I have this group now. I am not saying all details of the camp which is already mentioned by others. I understood that I have to transform. For Me, For My Family, For My Society and For My World. And I just Started it.

Deljo Davis Plathottathil
Newman College Thodupuzha