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Pathanamthitta district follow-up 01-04-2017
The follow-up meeting of Pathanamthitta & Kottayam district is scheduled to be held on 1st April 2017 at Sethu`s home. Time : 10am - 1pm.
Trivandrum district follow-up 01-04-2017
The follow-up meeting of Trivandrum & Kollam district is scheduled to be held on 1st April 2017 at Sandeepani School,Museum Junction, Trivandrum. Time : 10am - 1pm.
Welcome to ALTIUS
ALTIUS, an initiative of World Malayalee Council, intends to impart quality training to students of various colleges to groom them to be ‘Globally Competent and Socially Committed’ leaders of tomorrow. ‘Altius’ is the Latin word for ‘higher’. A celebration of youthful creativity, Altius aims to bring out the leader in every student by enabling him or her to bloom to full capacity. Altius strives diligently to awaken the higher self within every student, to rise higher in their thoughts and lives without losing the values. The world’s population grows older, India will take centre stage in the formation of a new world order. The demographic revolution brings with it a myriad of challenges and opportunities. How well prepared are our youth today to grasp the opportunities that come their way? How skilful are they to ta...
Camp Report
Camp at YMCA Aluva, 13 & 14 Feb 2016
From 14th evening onwards, when  ?I?  hear ?d?  the name Aluva, what c ?ame  into ?  my mind is not GCW-1 but 'Gandhi Readers camp',...
State Camp - 2015
Let me start. The actual state camp was starting on 20th. But we unofficially started our camp on 19th. Because we,  Thrissur girls reached the capital city on 19th evening. The journey was qu...
Our Models
We begin the camp with adrressing by Anoop Dhanwanthri sir at 09:00 a.m..Anoop Sir invited M A Baby sir for his welcome speech.M A.Baby sir was the former Education and cultural minister of Kerala. He has depth in knowledge in Music, the Hindustani and karnatic music.
M A Baby sir begin the addressing by giving a gentle speech on Malayala bhasha and that was quite interesting. Then he said that the basic aim of altius is to reach the excellence along with social commitments. He also added the lines "I will do it perfectly well, then I will win..!"Those words were most inspiring. Then he told us about achieving success. 
We discussed a lot about persistence and success.The most interesting part in his speech was the other sides of a story which is well known to us, the running race between Rabbit and tortoise. Those morals were really really good to think about. He added that core abilities to be used as core environment gives us result. And finally make use of others qualities along with our own qualities and bring in the change in us.And this is what Altius promotes.
We also discussed a lot more examples including Roger Federer,Samuel Beckett and so on.Last but not the least, Baby sir reminded us Samuel Beckett's words is,” Ever tried Ever failed, No matter, Try Again, Fail again, Failed better.”
After the welcome speech by M A Baby sir,Anoop Sir introduced Sreedevi's mother and we had her valuable  words.Then we continue with Anoop sir.
He begin with the story behind our venue, The Tanjavur Amma Veedu. He added that the venue was presently handled by Viswanathan sir. He also highlighted the great ambience we had there in the venue.
  1. Dress code
  2. Response
  3. Interaction with mentors
  4. Cultural night.
Priyadas sir introduced Viswanathan sir and Sasikumar sir. He then congratulated TVM altian team for their efforts and even congratulated our state coordinator Reshmi chechi.
A true Altian will
1. Wake up early morning 
2. respond to mails
3. read Gandhiji and report
4. Love unconditionally 
5. Be willing to smile,serve,learn,change and share
6. Be clean in mind and body
7. Wear decent dress 
8. Be Accountabe
9. Develop inspiring spoken and body language 
10. Be positive and be a model
11. Be globally competent and socially committed
Why we are supposed to be an Altian?
It is because we need to lead a happy life.
Then we recited the Altian mantra "Let we be kind, joyful, peaceful, grateful and loving..!"
Then Priyadas sir introduced our dear Sree Ram from Thiruvalla.He concluded the session with the quote in our routine. You are greater than what you appear to be.
 Altians were divided into groups.They had an interacting session to speak each other.The way he did was just cool.Then Jexin chettan shared his own experiences.In between he introduced some of our altians like Jayakrishnan,Akhil,Krishnapriya, Rameesh,Jithin,Sreelekshmi and Amal .He added Altius is not about theories but it's all about practicals.
The session start with our senior most Altian Premchand chettan from Calicut. Then it was our state coordinator Reshmi chechi.She told us that she got unconditional love from the Altian family. Next it was Aneesh chettan from Trivandrum.He told us that we had made virtual to real.He added let our habits and behaviour be taken to recognize our important and best habits for our life.It was followed by the introduction by Sethu chettan,Sangeetha,Gowri,Anju chechi, Asha chechi, Sreepriya, Samuel, Dinil, Athul Kumar, Sruthy chechi, Ajay Soman, Ajay Sebastian,  Sujith, Harikrishnan, Jexin and Kiran chettan.
They presented the theme song for us.It was really nice to hear them.
 1. Gandhiji
 2. Mother Teresa
 3. Cheguevara
 She mentioned the importance of Gandhi reporting.Then by 12:30p.m we had a video session on M.K Gandhi-his life story.
 1. Network connection
 2. Mailing to no reply group
 3. Laziness
 4. Usage of google or Google chrome
 5. Unavailability of Phones
 6. Language problems
 7. Reply all option and not reply
 8. Give the to address at last only
He told us that it is career ways dependent,bvision developing and language developing.He told us that connect our vision to Altius and make use of it.
By 1:20p.m we dispersed for lunch and return by 1:50p.m
To check whether how strong we are.Let us deal with those inconsistencies.The mentors shared their reasons for inconsistencies. We begin with Sreepriya chechi followed by Asha chechi, Gowri, Sangeetha. Sangeetha also discussed about the one change to bring in us.She told us what all changes happened in her.Then it was Sruthy chechi from kollam,the one who brought the concept of F.M in Altius.
TOPIC: What are the solutions to be consistent?
The altians were divided into 4 groups lead by senior mentors and they were sent to Tanjavur ammaveed for the discussion in groups.They return by 3:40 after the discussion.Then it was the summarising of the Group discussion and was lead by Joy sir.
Various points discussed are.
 1. Support from parents
 2. To stand strong in our decisions
 3. Depend on text SMS with the help of friends to reach the virtual group
 4. To overcome the lack of interest and confidence
 5. Time management
 6. If not possible to mail try to inform the mentors
 7. Let our actions be the self starters
 8. If any inconvenience in mailing, do apologize and mention the reason
 9. Spread the altiansm to our friends and family
10. Gandhi reading and reporting
11. Maintain the consistency for 21days, then it would be a part of your daily routine
12. Positive thoughts
13. Reduce the overuse of mobile phones and social media.
14. Let us discuss with our parents and get their suggestion also (the best suggestion).
 The discussion was very effective and every altians came up with new ideas.Joy sir lead the discussion in a very interesting way.The altians including Indhukala, Anitta, Shuhaiba, and a whole group participated very well.Then we break for tea .
The altians were introduced to Anoop Dhanwanthri sir, Priyadas sir, Dr.Vijaylekshmi ma'm and Premchand chettan in district groups.
 1.  Malappuram
 2. Kottayam and Pathanamthitta
 3. North zone: Kasargode, Kannur, Wayanad, Calicut
 4. Idukki and Ernakulam
 5. Kollam
 6. Trivandrum
 7. Trissur
Prem chettan introduced himself and told about his firm, the GIT-CALICUT. He reminded  us that we can be consistent and we will be consistent. Then he mathematically showed how consistency values through a game.
Hari chettan said that this year camp subtratced from previous year camp gives consistency.That was something innovative. He told us the importance of Gandhi reporting and apologized for his inconsistency in reporting Gandhi."An ideal man can never be a devil's workshop ".He also quoted the difference between Revolution and Evolution.
Priyadas Sir begin with some of the basic instructions for the altians. Then it was Introducing the Gandhi's Book and significance of Gandhi reporting. Sir reminded us that this book is considered  as the ALTIAN BIBLE .Then Jessy aunty recited a poem and was very beautiful to hear her. Gandhi reading and reporting was put forward as a challenge by Priyadas sir.
Shuhaiba,one of the Altian rebelled against Priyadas sir's suggestion on only Gandhi.She added why can't it be some other inspiring persons book.Then a suggestion was put forward by Priyadas sir that altians can read another book of a famous person who influenced them and can report the same.
Then it was Anoop sir who introduced Dominic sir and he was welcomed to the diaz.He is a member of Ayyappa Panicker Foundation and a malayalam professor of Govt.women's college TVPM.
He had an excellent beginning with the importance of our malayalam language. He also discussed the incident of Gandhi were he was pulled out of a train and there he attained a willpower to say no.. 
At the end of the session Dominic sir recited a beautiful poem of Ayyappa Panicker ,pookkathirkkan enikkaavathilley
That was a fabulous session.
Dr. Vijalekshmi Ma'm took us a session on basic behavioural aspects.How to behave towards others being an altian.She pointed out that we should always have a different and acceptable manner.The session too was very interesting.Finally Reshmi chechi gave the conclusion.
After the discussion in seminar hall.We dispersed for dinner.There it was a candle light dinner arranged.Along with our dinner we had an interaction with shri Babu Paul Sir.The session was really stress free and was interesting that he shared many of his experiences.The altians came up with questions and had a beautiful interaction with Babu Paul Sir.
16.CULTURAL EVENTS(9:15p.m):
 1. Sreelekshmi -song
 2. Sangeetha-song
 3. Sreedurga-song
 4. Sanoop-solo performance on Doordarshn news reading
 5. Ismail and Flevan-dance
 6. Indukala and Krishnapriya-dance
 7. Megha Malhar- monoact
 8. Ismail-dance
 Everyone performed really very well and those were the happiest moments.
The cultural events end by 10:00p.m and we came to the end of the first day programs.
We start the day’s events at sharp 07:00a.m.We begin with the theme song. Then it was Sreepriya chechi’s session on meditation.
Sreepriya chechi start the session on the topic physical and mental health .That was some general things to be discussed .Then we discussed about time management. Moving onto meditation she told us that meditation improves mental strength .Then it was Unnikrishan who shared his experience of meditation .He shared us how his way of meditation was .It was suggested that through meditation we can be consistent .Then Jinu came forward with his suggestion and experiences .He said that it is better to do meditation in an open space or can do it by laying down.
Firstly Priyadas sir told us that whenever we focus or concentrate on a particular thing, the discipline in our mind is what meditation means. Then he told us about Cheguevara and his revolutions in a nutshell. He also reminded us that every altian should possess honesty.
Then it was the altian ’s  ipad distribution.Then we had a vocabulary test.We discussed the difference between consistency and persistence.Then we had a discussion on the features of  altian’s ipad and altians including Reshma,Sreelekshmi,Athul,Afsal came forward with their opinions.We instructed to  write down the good thing we do each day along with the lesson we learn from it in the ipad.
Then Priyadas sir came up with the change in his suggestion which he gave the previous day .He told us that if we have an intention to read and report Gandhi ,then we may buy the particular book and then read and report.Also if we could find some other alternative inspiring books, we can report that too. 
By 8:20 a.m. we had breakfast and return by 9:00a.m.
Anoop sir told us about the book that was a tribute to Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam. The content of the book was our own view on Kalam sir and it was proposed as an opportunity for the altians to be a part of that book.  He also reminded us that once an altian is always an altian. Altians are always globally competent.
Then we had a discussion on doing charity in a different way. What is the need of orphanages and old age homes? Anoop sir told us that our energy is sufficient for doing charity and it is not about our wealth. He also added that It is difficult to sustain if something is done to get appreciation.
20.GROUP DISCUSSION(10:20a.m.):
We had a group discussion were the altians were divided into groups and send for discussion. The summarising session was lead by joy sir and the discussion was very effective so that the altians came up with new and innovative ideas of charity.  
Various points discussed were:
1. we can provide lunch to our friend who is not able to bring lunch.
2. teaching classes for the physically handicapped one to find an earning.
3. motivation classes to be given to students of backward community especially the girls.
4. try to spent time with them.
5. support them physically and mentally with unconditional love.
6. we can also involve our parents in the charity so that they would feel the love from our parents too.
7. we should have a mind to listen to their sorrows.
8. can coordinate camps for blood donation.
9. can coordinate hair donation camps for cancer patients.
10.we can be a helping hand to them.
11. we can be a role model.
12.provide them with a place to live, sufficient food and dress.
13. implementation of organic gardens to provide them with good food.
14. can take tuition classes for students.
15. can coordinate anti-drug classes at school level.
16. classes on organ donation.
17. can be a scribe to blind or physically handicapped students.
Dr. A.V Anoop sir began the session with our theme persistence. Then he told us about the positive attitude one should develop. He told us that to help the needy and make them happy is the attitude that should be developed in each one of us.
Then he told us about the projects that his group handles for the public .It includes eye donation camps and heart donation camps for children .He also mentioned about the Chennai Govt. medical college project that they are handling for the public. The upcoming project was to adopt and train 20 students from Kerala for the upcoming Olympics.
Then it was Anju chechi who gave the thanks for Dr. A. V Anoop sir .   
Later on Anoop Dhanwanthri sir called upon certain altians including Sarika ,Joel ,Maneesha ,Anie , Aromal ,Nandhana and so on .Then it was Gowri’s mother who gave us a wonderful feedback.
Then Anoop sir told us about the upcoming one year plan.
1. We were asked to arrange follow up meetings to share our state camp experience to other al atians who couldn’t attend the camp.
2. We were asked to organise a 15 member district team.
3. We were asked to give our plot for the book which was a tribute to Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam sir by the altians. It should be submitted before January 15th.
4. Discussion in the mail group about the altian concept of charity.
5. Persistence and honesty leads to the eligibility for Bhutan camp(last quarter).
6.About the Altian series of publishing(last quarter).
   #Book of  Dr .A.P.J Abdul Kalam sir
  #Book of Gandhi where each chapter will be summarised by each altian.
Anoop Dhanwanthri sir asked why we are asked to read and report Gandhi. Then he said that completely reading a book transforms you without any, we are not forcefully transformed. He also said that change is a reversible process whereas transformation is something permanent.
An upcoming project for Ayyappa Panicker Foundation was put forward. Ayyappa Panicker was a person who always inspired the youth. His life was that of a true altian.
T.P Sreenivasan sir began the session with our plans in 2017.Then he discussed a lot about technology and innovations. He reminded us that we cannot keep technology out of our life. He added that aspirations arise with technology. Better life and developed India are the aspirations of Technology. We were asked to answer what BREXIT is..! Actually brexit means BRITAIN EXITING FROM EUROPEAN UNION. 
Then we discussed a lot on rising the consciousness and economic problems in the country. He also said about Barack Obama and his policies. T.P. Sreenivasan sir reminded us that we are the ones to  face the future.Then we had a small discussion on human psychology. He also said that Jayalalitha and Castro were the model leaders but not people of corruption. 
 Finally the session end by 1:30p.m.  
Then Dr.Vijayalekshmi Ma’m came and congratulated Sangeetha for her consistency in GANDHI REPORTING and that was a surprise session for her. She was appreciated and awarded with gifts. She was filled with tears of happiness and couldn’t express herself.   
Thereafter  we dispersed for lunch. Before the lunch we assembled in the courtyard for the gratitude session handled by Sangeetha. After the lunch ,the camp had an end and our return journey started. 


Dear Altians,

Let me start with words of Mahatma: Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. 

This is what altians teach us. Mini-kaizen camp held at st.shantals school was like reliving my entire past life once again with full of joy, peace and love. From the moment I made decision to attend the camp i was feeling a positive energy even though my parents were not happy at first on my decision. But in each and every second of the past two days i was experiencing altius. On 25/1/2015 morning we had an introduction class held by vipinettan and vishnuettan, later priyadas sir too joined to share his views and smile. After than they opened a door, to the magical world. At first it was chandrahasan sir taking us to the world of competition in assistance with gopikeechi. Even though i dont remember the entire class but the story which he told us about A R Rahman and Ilayaraja sir.Next it was suresh babu sir who taught us who s a leader, how to be a leader, and what is a leader. Then we had session of vijayalekshmi mam about how to be with the society, how to make ourself and our society good. Next it was Babu paul sir who shared his experiences , answered all our questions with a smiling face. The day came to an end .
The next day arrived , morning we had an interactive session with priyadas sir congratulating our mendors and seniors, also sharing their experiences. After that we were split into 3 groups and we had a group discussion on the topic corruption.Then we had a session on malayalam literature, then our seniors alen and chadru was sharing their views about spirituality and a book named the monk who sold his ferrari. At last the camp came to an end.
This was the first time in my entire life i am attending sessions from morning till night without feeling sleepy. It was such a great experience. From the starting of the camp i started felling change in myself. Jessy aunty such a busy lady was waiting for my arrival. I was just surprized and happy. She taught me that when we share our valuable time for someone what we get in return is happiness, the priceless gift of god. Yesterday my guardian angels showed me that altians will be always with us for every good deed that make others happy, we shared republic day wishes with the traffic police officers.
Yesterday morning in our journey to camp i met a grandma. She was too old and lean. On my conversation with her i realized that she was earning by selling vegetables becauss she had no one to lookafter.she had a house ,her daughter died. I asked many things but i never saw a smile on her face. When we were to get out of the bus, i said bye and kissed her. I dnt know how to  express my happiness ,she smiled at me. Altius i saw your kindness in her smile. If ever in her life she rembers me its the success of altius.And later in the afternoon on my return journey i was accompanied by my seniors, they were sharing their experiences & thoughts. When i reached my house all was the same as usual , room was not clean , foul smell . Everytime when i return from home to hostel i use to murmer why is this room like this, why such a bad smell like that. But yesterday i was not the old version of jishna befor the camp. I felt a pleasant fragments in my room eventhough my room was not clean i was not angry , for the first time in my hostel life i found beauty in my room, my bed, in the mirror. Eventhough it was the same mirror i use to look everyday, i found a new smiling face with a great positive impact.

Thanks altians, thanks a lot for filling fragments to what i smell, beauty to what i see, and an iternal love in me. I swear that i will be an altian and try my best to make the world a heaven. I believe that its god who created a door to heaven and named it altius. Dear altians let us try to be the guardian angels.

Now my brothers and sisters pardon me if my mail is too long and boring. This is my first experience writting a report, but i promise that i will improv next time. Let me conclude with the slogan of an altian- Let me be kind, joyful, peaceful and loving.
With unconditional love,
Jishna A V
College of engineerinv ,Adoor
Dear Altians,
              A new born baby comes to this beautiful world unaware of the happiness that is awaiting for him,similar is the experience that I felt when I entered as a bud to this ALTIUS family.Group of people with wonderful ideas to bring about a reformation and transformation is what altius means and today I am happy because I also own to such sparkling ideas.
          I thank from bottom of my hearts for giving me an opportunity to attend and share my views and ideas,moreover my positive changes with this family and also for combining each and every thought that arose from each and every ALTIANS.
With love,


Dear Altians,

       This mail for share about our mini kaizen camp in Santhigiri College.It was one of the best experience in my life.There are 40 above Altians are participated in this camp. We got lot information from this camp.I give thanks to Priyadas sir ,Chandrahasan sir ,Joy sir ,Domnic sir ,Anoop sir and Sisiliama Teacher.In this camp.Our new ALTIANS are best Altians they introduce good ideas and opinions.

In this camp our friend Ashish  take a class about important s of mailing.In Altuis we can see every altians give a motivation to another.  


Renjisha Rajan


Dear butterflies,

The Northzone mini kaizen camp was held at newjothy's center calicat, on 31st jan & 1st feb 2015.

it was a new experience in my life. It have two parts. Online& Offline. Also mainly students are divided in to two groups Mini-kaizens & freshers.

In Online camps leads our mentors & priyadas sir. And they posted we as mentors of the freshers And gave one mentor to two freshers. The mentor - fresher interaction was offline camp.

In offline camp we have a goal that's our responsibility, gave inspirations/motivation to freshers and mold to a good altian or to help him/her to transformation of Coccoon to larva&pupa stages. we can rise their from cocoon to larva&pupa stages successfully.
  Then they autonoumously changed into 
            Today I realised that since I joined the altius family My personality had very change. Now I can lead at least two persons & believe that tomorrow I will lead a crowd.

And we have three guests 1. Joseph sir & his wife 
2. Adarsh sir
3. Basheerali ikka (small doubt in name)
      we enjoyed theire classes& experiences 
    And we can introduced a amazing object discovered by nadakkav school students & and teachers 
a type of IPAD.Today All the students in Nadakkavu school have a I PAD


D= Do
    That is a small book to record 3 good tasks our do
In one condition the tasks are do not repeat.
     Its promote to the students 'what i can do today/tomorrow newly
for my school'. 
    As a result the school become healthy&shining.
    it is a model for ours. 

The most power full& emerging discussed words in the camp was our mantra

" Let me be kind joyfull peacefull & loving "

with Regards

Mohammed Jamseer

MINI KAZIEN CAMP 2015 - Idukki

Dear Altians,

It was a turning point at Shanthirgiri to me.First of all, I should say something about how I reached there. One of my friend Lydia told me about Altious camp.

I asked her: "What is the difference between Altious Camp and other camps?"

She said; "It is not an ordinary camp. I will say more about it after you attend it"

(Keeping Surprise in me) Thank you Lydia.

And that day came. But I was not sure about to be there. Because my mom was hospitalized because of Kidney Stone. But with God's grace I came to Shanthigiri. That is also the reason for this late email (not too much late I know but).

It was Altian Mini-Kaizen camp at Shanthigiri. From the first moment I found a positive spirit there. The first Difference that i Found in the camp was SMILE. I began to understand What is Altian. There I met Priyadas Sir, Anoop Sir, Dominic Sir, Chandradas Sir, Sabin Chettan, Aswani chechy etc. All were Smiling every time. I understood that SMILE is an important fact in Altius. The second difference that I found is Good Friendship. I got so many good friends. Abhilash, Krishnadas, Akash, Abraham, Jaise, Joby, Vishnu, Bibin, Ashish, Amitha, Priya, Lakshmi, Cyriac, Chinnu, Reima, Jisna, Reshma, Manu etc. I will Never miss them. Because I have this group now. I am not saying all details of the camp which is already mentioned by others. I understood that I have to transform. For Me, For My Family, For My Society and For My World. And I just Started it.

Deljo Davis Plathottathil
Newman College Thodupuzha