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Altius Mini camp(Kerala University)will be conducted on 25 & 26 Januarty, 2015 at Thiruvananthapuram. Camp starts at 11 am, Jan 25th and concludes at 12 pm, Jan 26th. Acoommodation is arranged at AICUF CENTER, General Hospital Junction.
Altius Mini camp(Calicut University)will be conducted on 31 January & 1 February, 2015.
Altius Mini camp(MG University)will be conducted on 14 & 15 February, 2015.
Altius is conducting this year`s State Camp on December 22 and 23, 2014 at Christ Nagar School, Velayambalam, Thiruvananthapuram. Camp starts at 9:30 am, Dec 22nd and concludes at 1:3pm, Dec 23rd. For all those coming in groups on 22nd Dec, pick up and drop from railway/bus stations will be arranged from 4 am onwards (travel time and number of passengers needs to be notified 10 days in advance to avail this service). All expenses will be met by the organizers except the to and fro travel fare. Acoommodation is arranged at Animation Centre, Vellayambalam (For Girls) & AICUF CENTER, General Hospital Junction (For Boys)
New year activities have begun. Freshers are selected after the tests conducted in the colleges. Camps are conducted at the district level to select students to the zonal and State level. The response this year is encouraging and inspiring. The Kaizens are leading the team of altians to form altius circles in the colleges.
Welcome to ALTIUS
ALTIUS, an initiative of World Malayalee Council, intends to impart quality training to students of various colleges to groom them to be ‘Globally Competent and Socially Committed’ leaders of tomorrow. ‘Altius’ is the Latin word for ‘higher’. A celebration of youthful creativity, Altius aims to bring out the leader in every student by enabling him or her to bloom to full capacity. Altius strives diligently to awaken the higher self within every student, to rise higher in their thoughts and lives without losing the values. The world’s population grows older, India will take centre stage in the formation of a new world order. The demographic revolution brings with it a myriad of challenges and opportunities. How well prepared are our youth today to grasp the opportunities that come their way? How skilful are they to ta...
Camp Report
The Altian State camp was conducted at St. Shantal School, Kowdiar, Trivandrum on 22nd and 23rd December 2014. The objective of the camp was to transform the Altian student...
Almost all students came at Adoor Bus Station.  There,  Vishnu and Vipin the Camp Directors were present to welcome the students and to guide them to Camp Venue. The camp venue was at...
Our Models


Dear Altians,

       State camp was really an amazing experience for me. I attended many camps earlier, but this was entirely different and inspired me. I have no words to express my feelings. I’ll live my whole life as a model Altian. The caterpillars of initial day fly back to home as butterflies. I do small things with great love and happiness with the wings which Altius gave me. That gave me a great sort of self-satisfaction. After becoming an Altian I changed many of my habits. This state camp has been a stepping stone in my transformation journey .My course MSW and the goal of Altius are closely related. We are really blessed ones because we got the opportunity to be a  part of this silent movement.

      I whole heartedly thank all the members who worked hard to make this camp a great success. Together we can make the change happen.


Devi Gangadharan

KAIZEN 2014 -The journey to be a model begins

Dear Altians,

    Though yesterday was the first day after camp, today was the first working day in the journey to become a model altian, as I had no presence of any fellow Altians today. 
    Today,I could only wake a little late at 5.45. But still I started the day with positive energy. I along with my brothers went for Morning jogging, then read newspapers. Then I spent sometime with my parents explaining to them the timetable and roadmap given from the camp. They were happy and I also felt happy after sharing my thoughts with them. Then me and my younger brother spent some time gardening. 
     Then I cleaned my home and stacked all my books in good order and got myself ready as my house is now getting organised. Today I organised my rooms. Tomorrow, I will have to organize all other rooms too. Though some traces of anger are still with me, I am now controlling them and I behaved very well to everyone whom I met today. I also took some pain to stay nice to my brother who is irritating me by doing all sort of naughty things. But I am now liking this tolerance game tolerating and staying in cool for whatever he does.
Thank you Kaizen '14, as the changes are appearing. 
Vishnu M

Dear altians, 
   As i informed earlier we have completed our first task today we have planted the  new altian plants in our altius garden.we are believing this plants will create flowers with the goodness  of altianism.This garden will be a symbol of altius in our campus.When we left our college this garden will transfer the message altianism to our 
With love 
Sravan TP



Dear Altians,

I never thought that I will be going to witness a drastic change in me when i wrote an essay. Even for the district camp I came to write essay and never thought it will turn out to my entry to Altius. Now I really thank my teacher miss Sowparnika  for telling me to take up that essay competition. I never heard of this organisation before and she told me it is very nice and she had the opportunity to meet    Dr. A P J Abdul kalam and Rasool pookkutty. 

The two day camp was really inspiring, the energetic altians gave us a lot of positive energy. I myself experience a lot of change in me but as our dear Priyadas sir said, it is not enough so I'll share my experience with my family after the state camp.I have a younger sister we both used to fight each other a lots. Yesterday she came and hit me on my head but instead of fighting I just smiled at her and she asked me did they hit you with some attitude stick on your head. My mother told me that there is some change in me but she don't know how long it is going to last. She is afraid if I'll drop this like my New Year resolutions.  I really want to remain in this organisation of alternative thinkers at least to spread the most beautiful curve of "smile" to the world and fly to heights like a butterfly. 

                                      I'm waiting for January 5th for my college to reopen so that I can convince my principal and organize an Altius circle in my campus. Thanks everyone for being so nice for the last two days , for arranging wonderful sessions with great personalities and making me an Altian butterfly from the my Caterpillar life.


Aparna S Mohan